April 17, 2015

Housemates Preparing For The Double or Nothing Challenge Dance Off Competition

They won their 100% wilderness wager last night and the fact that they are aware of today's Double or Nothing Challenge Dance Off competition, they woke up in high spirits to practice their dance moves.

The pairs have teamed up and made use of either the dance space or any corner in the house to brush up on their moves and refine their routines.

And just like you would expect, most housemates were falling for Hip Hop instead just because the genre packed a whole lot of attitude. During their rehearsals, with the ladies twisting their waists and the swaying with all sorts of swagger, it was clear that tonight was going to be the night.

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Talking about the baddest dance moves, we had already witnessed Mbali and Khali’s skills on the dance floor over the last couple of Saturday night’s and judging by their rehearsals, alongside partners Chelsea and Bongi respectively, the ladies were going to bring the heat with the sass.

Tune in tonight and catch your favourite couple dance for your vote at the Double or Nothing Dance-Off competition.

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