April 23, 2015

Housemates Make African Drums

In the spirit of Ubuntu and a united Africa, Biggie has given everyone an all new task that harnesses the power of music.

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As lunch time arrived, Tembi collected the task brief from the Diary Room and read it out to her fellow housemates who had convened in the living room. 

Split into two parts, the first half of the task required them to make their own drums from cloth and plastic moulds provided. Once the drum was completed, they had to compose a five minute long song using the drum beat and with the title, “The Power of Unity in Africa”.

The second bit of the task required housemates to prepare a two minute long speech using the heading ‘The Power of Love in Africa’ or ‘What it Means to Be An African’. The work was to be presented later that evening while everyone adorned African attire to match.

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The purpose of the tasks was to indirectly highlight anti-xenophobia awareness for the housemates while not making them aware of the current xenophobia situation going on in Johannesburg and Durban as the rules of Big Brother don’t allow them to know about anything going on outside the house.

Although the housemates don't know the bigger purpose behind their task, they've still approached it with much excitement and farvour.

Big Brother promotes love and unity across the world and it’s great to see the housemates taking on this task whole-heartedly.

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