April 17, 2015

Housemates Get A Glimpse Of What The Fans Think Of Them

This Big Brother switched things up and for the first time ever as viewers decided who won by voting in real-time via WeChat. Thanks to slick dance moves and entertaining choreography, Ntombi and Ace received the most votes and won themselves a spa date on Saturday.

While the Double or Nothing challenge is probably the most light-hearted of tasks during the week, this one was a little different in the housemates eyes. Because viewers voted live and everyone got to see how the outside world was voting, it left a few questions on their mind.

The challenge was ultimately about showing off your cool moves however at the end of it the likes of Chelsea, Kay and Khali felt there was a little more to it than simply who danced best. 

Kay and Chelsea felt that because the battle happened in the morning, the majority of their fans were at work and couldn’t vote. Khali took it a step further and confided in Bongi that maybe they weren’t as popular on the outside as they may have believed earlier.

It’s clear that what started out as a fun challenge for the week turned into something more serious in the minds of some. Are they over-thinking it all?

With everyone vying for that R2million, maybe this will shake things up so much that strategies will shift and behaviour will change. But perhaps they’re all just stressing over nothing. Who knows?

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