April 25, 2015

Housemates Do Shopping For Week 6

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If you think of grocery shopping as a not-so-fun task that you have to do alone, you thought wrong. Housemates won their 100 percent wager and today they shopped for their groceries together and added a level of togetherness.

They made a list, took a leisurely stroll through the screen and chose food together as a team.  They all love food and so buying it was all about deciding what they were going to eat for the following week and that was very fun for them.

Ace ordered beer and Ntombi told him to stop buying things that he never gets but some guys were optimistic that this time they will get the beer.  

Through the process, all pairs communicated very well and discussions about their eating preferences and their B-bucks.  They shopped separately and also for the house which made everyone happy and that had always been the best option.

Housemates promised to be responsible for their groceries and did not want anything that could get in the way of what should be an enjoyable living experience.  

Next week’s HoH will have to keep an open line of communication with housemates to make sure that everything is managed responsibly

It’s always nice to see housemate’s refrigerator well-stocked and some making delicious dinner for others and all need to contribute to the needs of the household equally and regularly.

We wonder how they will break bread without breaking each other’s necks.

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