April 05, 2015

Housemates Didn't Care Much About Matthias And Sibu

Matthias and Sibu are gone and although the eviction came as a surprise to many it was heartbreaking for none. 

Usually when housemates leave, the remaining individuals tend to spend a few sober moments as they reminisce on their fallen soldiers but with Matthias and Sibu that just wasn’t the case.

Less than an hour after the crazy pair had left the house, life had moved on for everyone. Instead the housemates focused their energies on the predicament Mbali and Chelsea had put them through

After being kept in the bedrooms for a few minutes, the housemates walked into the kitchen to find all the cupboards and the fridge locked with only cartons of milk and protein powder available to consume for the next four days.

Ace and Bongi in particular took it the hardest and weren’t impressed with not having access to the luxury items they’d just won during their task.

Now the question becomes was the R10 000 each worth it? Will Mbali and Chelsea’s decision come back to haunt them? Oh and clearly Matthias and Sibu were nowhere near as memorable as they thought.

There’s simply no telling what’s what when it comes to Big Brother Mzansi and we love it!

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