April 22, 2015

Housemates At Their best

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Pairs expressed how they felt about fellow housemates and believed that they were not intentionally disrespectful each other and how at first, some of them did not take each other seriously.

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Today, housemates adopted the “all for one and one for all” motto and focused on the bigger picture and everybody seemed to know where they were they going. HoH pair were grateful that housemates worked well together in today’s task. 

When asked about their HoH’s, Chelsea told Biggie that she had a conversation with Tembi where she told her that she needed to be careful with the way she treated Soxx as he could get feisty at times.

They thought the pair was a ball of a mess as they assumed the title was about them and not the house.  Pumba thought Soxx tried to lead by example and Tembi should learn a thing or two from her partner.  The Royals were still bitter about losing the HoH challenge and K2 told Biggie that he had nothing good to say about the pair.

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Tembi and Soxx did not see eye to eye in yesterday’s diary session but today, Biggie gave them a chance to sort out their differences.  Soxx believed that it was good to have arguments with your loved ones and thought they brought them together.

He told Biggie that now they know where they’ve gone wrong and would be able to move on.  He apologised for bringing her down as it was not his intention and was grateful that Tembi was in his life.

Bongi thought Khali was such a tom boy when she said she enjoyed the guy’s conversation and did not learn anything from the girls.  She said next time she will try a serious topic and see what their reaction would be.  She also thought, Tembi was very close with K2 and how they knew each other’s personal stuff.

Biggie asked them all what they craved for from the outside world and most of them mentioned their families and Kay was the only one who said she missed being intimate and craved for it.

What could Biggie have under his sleeves for housemate’s desires?

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