April 28, 2015

Here Are The Public's Secret Agents

Yesterday Big Brother asked you the public for a little help in selecting an team of public secret agents among the housemates as they'll obviously be  working inside the Big Brother Mzansi house.

After you 'The Public' voted, K2, Ace and Mbali emerged winners as they're the public's secret agents.

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Following the picking of the secret agents, Big Brother notified them of the new roles in the Big Brother Mzansi house after which they will be offered a few hours to finish their tasks.

As mentioned early on, the task is supposed to be selected by you 'The Public' after which the agents have 24 hours to complete it. 

The following are the missions the agents might be handed;

- Steal one favourite item from each Housemate and place it in the store-room.

- Steal one sneaker/shoe from everyone and place in the store room.

- Steal the whole house’s sugar and place it in the store-room

- Steal the whole house’s salt and place it in the store-room.

- Swap the dining room and lounge furniture without being caught out.

- Steal all the cutlery and crockery and place it in the store room without anyone noticing

- If the first mission does not go as planned and cause distress in the house, the agents may pick another challenge.

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If the agents complete their mission successfully, they'll then be asked by Big Brother to unmask themselves by revealing it to their fellow housemates that they are Public Undercover Team after which they will get a special reward recommended by the public. 

But if they are busted while carrying out the mission, they won't be getting any reward.

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