April 03, 2015

Friday Night Games: Housemates Go Fishing

The second game tonight also follows an Easter theme and is called "Something fishy." Biggie explains the rules: each pair will be called out to pick up a fishing rod and stand at the side of the pool.
They have to catch a magnetic fish from the pool. Each fish will have a three digit number which corresponds with a locker. Easter eggs are stored inside the lockers.

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Each locker will have various amounts of eggs in them. The pair has to collect as many eggs as possible in 90 seconds. Matthias and Sibu worked hard and try to get as many as they can.

They confirmed that they managed to get three fish. Chelsea and Mbali were next up but they failed to get any fish. Gino and Tiffini only managed two fish, which meant that Matthias and Sibu win. Should Matthias and Sibu be evicted this Sunday they are to choose any of the remaining pairs to take over their prize.

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