April 01, 2015

Food Might Cause Problems In The Big Brother House

HoH called a meeting this morning because housemates seemed to have forgotten how they had a shortage of food last week.
After training, housemates were informed not to eat before the meeting but as you know in Biggie’s house, everyone done as they please when it came to food.

K2 and Blue decided to split HoH roles, with him taking the role of task challenges and make sure they get the hundred percent wager and as for Blue she took over the role of house chores and anything that concerned food. They also decided that Matthias will be in charge of the kitchen and advised that they should manage the food in a different way and won’t need to suffer towards the end of the week.

They called it to discuss the consumption of food and how they should manage waste. It was also about how K2 and Blue were carrying their HoH role.  K2 reminded Sibu how important the meeting was and stop making jokes.

K2 and Blue realised that certain problems rose because of the way they conducted the role of HoH from the beginning.

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