April 28, 2015

Find Out Who Annoys Blue The Most And Why K2 Won't Leave The House Single

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Given the fact that Big Brother decided to let you the fans take control of most things that happen in the Big Brother Mzansi house this week, he also granted you the fans a chance to ask your favourite housemates questions.

All this happened yesterday during the housemates's diary sessions, Big Brother made it a point that he asks the housemates the very questions you the fans had asked them.

You the fans asked Blue to tell you the one person or pair that really annoys her the most in the Big Brother Mzansi house, not in terms of the game but them as people.

And just like one would expect, Blue quickly answered that it is Tembi, I feel like Tembi is a groupie. She’s kinda annoying Blue answered.

Can we say that Blue's answer had something to do with what happened on Saturday after the Shapshap night party when Tembi aimed shots at her or there's something else Tembi has done to the royal.

K2 also had a question from you the fans as you wanted to know what happened to his promise of exiting the Big Brother Mzansi house still single.

Well the lad's answer was quite brief and understandable as he put it clear that he wasn't single no more and that he was sorry for not keeping his promise.

"I’ve accepted that I’m no longer single… It wasn’t the plan but some of the best things in life are not planned. I’m sorry for not keeping my stance but I’m not sorry for falling in love" K2 said.

Now K2's statements made it crystal clear that's he and Blue are in love and they are leaving the Big Brother Mzansi as a couple in real love, we wish them both the best.........

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