April 16, 2015

Finally Bongi Wants To Go On Diet

In the Big Brother Mzansi house every housemate is good at something and therefore we can't just ignore Bongi's capabilities when a plate of food is put in front of him.

Just this week, the queen of his heart Khali felt embarrassed about Bongi's eating habits which include eating leftovers from other housemates among others.

Khali was desperate that Bongi's eating habits had completely changed since the pair entered the Big Brother Mzansi house. Even when Bongi was not ashamed of his eating antics, he's already starting to realise the effects of it.

And today in the morning the lad couldn't resist opening up to Ace that he wants to go on diet because his clothes don't fit him anymore.

It sounded like a big joke especially when we all know that he really loves his food a lot, it's just a matter of time that we find out whether Bongi is actually going on diet or not.

Do you think Bongi can do away with his eating habits and take on a diet??

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