April 13, 2015

Find Out What Bexx Just Called Ace

According to Big Brother, the issue between Ace and Bexx began on Thursday last week and a lot of things had happened since then.

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Apparently Bexx claimed that ace is a rapist though it is still unclear what Ace exactly did and why Bexx called him a rapist. But what really happened is that Ace was trying to hug Bexx and it is likely that Big Brother took or understood it in a different way, that probably Ace was forcing himself on bexx.

Yesterday afternoon though, Ace approached Bexx when she was on the couch and apologised to her.

She also apologised for calling him a rapist when he's actually not, "So like I'm sorry for calling you a rapist when you're not" Bexx told Ace. 

She further said she wanted to talk about it on Monday and that it was sad she had to speak about it before her planned time.

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Bexx further told ace that the reason why she didn't want to talk about it before the evictions was that she didn't want to use Ace or the situation as an excuse for voters to vote for her. 

In Big Brother's view, Ace's behaviour towards Bexx was disrespectful and a very personal indiscretion judging from Bexx's reaction and that although he had apologised to Bexx, Biggie had to punish him for his inappropriate actions towards Bexx. 

'Ace then tried to plead with Biggie saying that he only hugged her' Biggie then told ace that if he gets more two strikes he'll be disqualified from the Big Brother house, he asked him if he  had understood, ace then replied by saying that he doesn't understand and as he was trying to further address Biggie, his lady love ntombi stopped him from speaking by putting her palm on his mouth.

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