April 19, 2015

Did Ace Cross The Line After Taking Alcohol?

There’s one thing you don’t want to do and that’s cross Big Brother.

Last night brought about the weekly ShapShap party in the entertainment area. Music was provided by one of Johannesburg’s finest DJs, DJ Capital, and as always the alcohol was free flowing. But this time, there were some rules.

Despite the fact that the trouble makers (housemates) some how became stubborn, they also didn't forget to keep in line with Big Brother's rules.

However Chelsea, Soxx and Ace could have crossed the line but still kept the rules and didn't anger Big Brother. Though in efforts to capitalise on the limited amount of time, they knocked back the drinks in quick succession, with disastrous consequences.

And in fact when DJ Capital played his very last song they were all stumbling and slurring their way into the house, much to the annoyance of the other housemates.  

The good thing however is that their partners were around to stop them from doing and behaving poorly, meanwhile Ntombi could not help but feel like Ace was once again jeopardising their chances with his antics. Hopefully she’ll have forgiven him this morning.

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