April 21, 2015

Day 30 Diary Sessions

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K2 and Blue made the news again. Having pulled their Power of Nomination card out at last night’s nominations, they were the topic of the diary sessions. Some insisted that they saw it coming while others couldn’t hide their shock. Another shock, however, was Tembi and Soxx saving Mbali and Chelsea.

Pumba and Kay were sure Soxx was being pulled by the nose by madam Tembi. According to them the Head of House pair saved Mbali and Chelsea because they were friends with Tembi. Pumba wondered why they didn’t save anyone from the team in the Head of House challenge and concluded that Soxx was something of a “yes man”.

Ace and Ntombi echoed this sentiment, pointing out that Soxx did not wear the pants in that relationship. It was clear as much during today’s task. Tembi showed herself to be a questionable leader in the eyes of the housemates, as she blew a couple thousand fuses and yelled and everybody and Soxx at every turn. Meanwhile Ace was a bit down about the fact that he and Soxx had cost the whole house their booze. 

It was Mbali, K2 and Ace who calmed things down and steered the ship more than Tembi and Soxx were doing.

When it was their turn Soxx broke a defensive Tembi off a piece of his mind. Although she started the session off by acknowledging her mistake Soxx was not about to let her off that easily. But after one too many cuss words, they were kicked out of their diary session. Biggie had had enough of Soxx’s constant inappropriate language in the diary room.

In contrast Mbali and Chelsea’s session was chirper as the girls pointed out that Tembi and Soxx’s leadership was full of holes. Their constant bickering was turning into a weakness. Chelsea was also not impressed with K2 and Blue for throwing them back on the chopping block after they had been saved.

Bongi and Khali were glad that everyone was up for nomination. At least this way, they stood some kind of chance. But it was unclear what chance this was. The couple saw no use in the conspiracy booth because they figured it that forming an alliance would be tantamount to selling themselves out.

K2 and Blue were on cloud nine after, not only having shifted the direction of the game by adding Mbali and Chelsea, but they still had the upper hand with their immunity idol.

Things could only get more interesting from here. Do you think Tembi and Soxx have unwittingly placed a target on themselves over the past couple of days? 

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