April 08, 2015

Day 17 Diary Sessions: Housemates Open To Biggie

There’s no place like the Diary Room for the housemates. It’s the one place where they can truly be themselves as there's no one they trust as much as they trust Biggie. Maybe that's why they milk the chance to let their guard down every time they enter Biggie's lair.

During today’s diary session, the housemates were particularly free with Biggie and some of them shared some rather shocking information. Ntombi revealed that she’s been having “horror dreams” that really shook her, while Ace also admitted to experiencing similar night terrors too. The lovebirds then spoke on the food issue and Ntombi explained how she felt the housemates weren't loyal and had used Ace then laughed behind his back when he was caught.

The romance between Soxx and Tembi also seems to have run its course as Tembi revealed that she felt she was being used and the relationship had made her lose focus. Soxx didn’t seem too happy about being dumped but he has bigger problems to worry about.

As the diary sessions wrapped up, Gino and Tiffini had one more bombshell to drop on Biggie. The siblings shared their personal crushes in the house. While it was somewhat obvious that Gino has the hots for Mbali, Tiffini shocked Biggie by proclaiming that she was hoping to pursue a relationship with Ex when she gets out the house! We wonder what Ex thinks of this...

But perhaps the most shocking revelation from the diary sessions for the day was when Khali revealed that Pumba had confided in her that he’s actually a millionaire on the outside world. There’s no telling if he’s story is true or not. Maybe he’s trying to get the housemates to drop their guard as they’ll think he’s not in it for the money. You never know with these them! What do you think?

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