April 30, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 38

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20:25  Soxx and Tembi fell off the block and Chelsea and Mbali are asked to report to the diary room.

20:18  Store room is open and housemates receive some goodies from Biggie.

20:08  Biggie warns housemates and tells them that their wager is in danger. Ace thinks its him and Ntombi.

20:00  Pumba telling Ace and Kay Boy's School fight stories.

19:39  Chelsea is asking Biggie is she can have a toilet break.  Tembi asks Pumba to tell them a story.

19:23  While standing on the block, Ntombi hands Soxx last night's leftovers.

19:15  K2 is giving the Dunchess a Royal massage but is telling her his not good at it.

18:56  Mbali and Chelsea work well together, coaxing each other, giving each other strength. Soxx and Tembi are doing really well, Soxx steadying a sagging Tembi, both pairs determined to win this challenge.

18:43  Biggie reads the Secret Agent stage two task to K2.

18:14  K2 has his solo diary session and says it feels weird to be without Blue. He has felt that he has been carrying Blue in challenges but as time has gone on, he is starting to appreciate what she brings to the party. He says that he is very guarded with his relationships as he has been badly hurt in the past. K2 admits that he has fallen for Blue. The viewers want to know "How do you feel about Tembi now?" He discusses Tembi. He feels she is s different person and he doesn't like it and says that she is irritating some people in the house. He says she is two-faced.

18:00  Soxx, Tembi, Mbali and Chelsea maintain their perches

17:47  Mbali says that it feels weird and it takes her a long time to get her point across. Mbali gives her sister a shoutout for her birthday and says it is the first time she will not be there for her birthday. She discusses how difficult at first, her partnership with Chelsea. Mbali says that she would choose K2 because she feels that in the house he is the only one that has the same drive as her for challenges. "he's a cute boy, and girls vote for cute boys."

17:39  Ace tells how he and Ntombi met, he said that Ntombi was walking home from school and he was going to catch a taxi, he decided not to catch it. He said that he went to her and she smiled at him, he said to himself "If only I was handsome." He asked her about herself and he asked her for her phone number. He started asking her out to soccer matches and he said it grew and grew and he has loved her since then. Biggie tells Secret Agent Ace that stage 1 has been successful. Biggie tells him that the next stage is that the three agents need to lead an investigation into who took the items. Biggie wants a list tomorrow that has the suspects on it and that it should not contain any of the #BBPUT names on it, it will be successful.

17:29  Ace is next in the diary room. Outside its between Chelsea and Mbali who are up against Soxx and Tembi again. Meanwhile, Ace is happy to have a solo session. He says it is boring without her. Considering their dancing earlier and how much fun they had. Ace says Soxx is handling his challenge aggressively. He says he is happy withthe contribution they both give to the game. Ace chooses very reluctantly K2 as he feels that they have a good understanding but he does not want to change, ever. He feels that the housemates are working well together and that the wager is doing well.  

17:15  Tembi is next in the diary room. Tembi reckons that K2 is doing all the work in her relationship with Blue. she feels that Blue doesn't have much going for her. Out in the garden, meanwhile, Kay and Pumba try their best to put Soxx off, Ace clowns around. Viewers question is that what does she likes or doesn't like about Blue. She says she likes that she sticks to whatever image she portrays. She likes how she looks after herself and that she carries herself well. she feels like she follows K2 like a little puppy. She also says that she witholds information. Tembi says she would take Mbali with her as she feels she has a proper relationship with her.

17:00  Ntombi is called into the diary room and she says that she is sad being without Ace and that the challenge is hard for her. She says that she has Soxx to talk to but that he is sleeping. She answers that her and Ace will get married soon after the game.

16:50  Biggie sends the housemates out to do the challenge. All the couples stand on the blocks holding each other, except for Ace and Ntombi who stand on one foot. Kay bursts out laughing, clearly excited by being in such close proximity to Pumba.

16:39  K2 reads out an endurance challenge, they have to stand on a block in the garden. K2 reads out the rules.

16:33  Ntombi spends her alone time upstairs. Kay and Mbali have a chat outside.

16:02  Soxx discusses his challenge of not smoking with Biggie. He says that it has made him want to give up smoking. Soxx says he is grateful and he wishes his mom and sister a Happy Birthday. Soxx says that if he had to choose anybody other than Tembi, he reluctantly says Ntombi. In response to the viewers question of what his coping mechanism will be without cigarettes, he answers immediately "prayer."

15:43  Blue tells Biggie that she worries about what her boyfriend outside thinks about her relationship with K2. Biggie gives Blue a chance to say something to her boyfriend on the outside. She says that things happen and that it took her by surprise. She asks for his forgiveness.

15:20  Chelsea is given a break from having to sing. Chelsea says that it feels a bit awkward sitting in th ediary room without Mbali, but that it is "nice" to have a session with herself, for some "me time." Chelsea says that she would pair up with K2 or Ace. Chelsea is asked which kind of man she goes for, she says she loves a family guy, someone who is loyal. She says she likes a guy who makes her feel awkward, and she likes a guy who is romantic. 

15:06  Pumba discusses how much he enjoys Kay, says that she is sensible and that she has a big heart. He discusses Tiffini and Chelsea. He talks about how a relationship start and flourish in the house such as K2 and Blue. Pumba says that he would choose Mbali or K2 if he was given the chance to choose a new partner.

14:48  Kay tells Biggie that she does not like Chelsea, even if Pumba wasn't with her. She says she worries about Ace and Ntombi not being able to stay away from each other. 

14:23  Ntombi is full of energy today, poor Soxx is trying to sleep, but she is keeping him awake. 

14:11  Ntombi discusses being a celebrity with Soxx. 

13:35  Ntombi and Ace has to step away from each other for the duration on "Non Sense" week, they have to stay 50 meters away from each other, they are not allowed to call each others name or be in the same room as each other. They accept this tough challenge. Ace laments the tough challenge and Ntombi's face says it all. 

13:27  Mbali and Chelsea are in the diary room. Biggie asks them if they are willing to sing to each other and the rest of the housemates, living in a "Musical scene." They accept the challenge. The housemates ask them questions to get them to sing to them.

13:25  Having been admonished by Biggie about taking his time to get all of his cigarettes he tries to hurry himself up "Tick tock, the wager is in danger." He manages to preserve the wager.

13:19  Soxx is told by Biggie that he is not allowed to smoke until Thursday evening in the Say Yes challenge. A visibly upset Soxx walks past a cheering crowd of housemates.

13:11  "Where's my underwear?" K2, Mbali and Chelsea share a laugh or two. 

12:48  Chelsea and Blue are fast asleep... 

12:31  It's lunch time, Ntombi takes a break from entertaining Ace to eat some food. 

12:20  Ntombi appears to have been charged overnight as she continues dancing. Kay. meanwhile does her nails, sitting in quiet contemplation. 

12:07  The rest of the house missed out on Ntombi and Ace's antics, there loss. 

11:41  Part of the house is energised, part of it is not...

11:30  Kay is bemused...

11:26  Ntombi is floored...

11:22  "Bouncy, bouncy." A refreshed Ntombi busts out some more moves as she dances for a delighted Ace. 

11:16  Ace now dances for Ntombi, who is exhausted from her dancing. Could these two get any cuter?

11:05  Ntombi dances to the music Ace watches on appreciateively. Dance, Ntombi, dance...

10:45  Ntombi talks about her knowlege of hip hop and is enjoying Biggies soundtrack. 

10:21 Ntombi sings along to have favourite song "Biggie, ngicel' i-ice cream!" otherwise known as "Ice Cream" by Gigi LaMayne.

10:15 You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a lazy Sunday as Biggie plays some silky RnB jams for the housemates. They oblige by sinking deeper into their blankets.

10:11 Ntombi and Tembi enjoy some girl talk outside on the patio. Most of the house is still sleeping in though.

09:56 It's an easy-going morning as Ace makes a little breakfast while K2, Pumba and Tembi chill outside. K2 and Tembi aren't saying a word to each other though and seem to be staying at arms length. Did K2 listen to Blue's warning? 

09:41 Something has Tembi deep in thought. She sits quietly alone outside and hums along to Biggie's music.

09:30 K2 complains that his pants don't fit him anymore. Maybe he should attend more morning workout sessions.

09:00 The housemates got their workout on early but went straight to bed once it was done. Pumba is just glad to be able to wear a t-shirt again

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