April 29, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 37

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20:40 Ace attacks the girls make-up bags.

20:10 Mbali and K2 touch base as two thirds of the Public Undercover Team.

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19:40 Blue instructs Kay and Ntombi to let the Twitter Mirror be and join the other at the puzzle. 

19:20 Housemates crack on with their puzzle. 

19:00 Kay cant get enough of the Twitter Mirror. 

18:30 The Twitter Mirror makes an appearance in the house and the housemates start taking selfies. It's going to be awesome

18:20 Mbali winds the timer. 

17:45 Ace and Mbali collect a whole lot of cutlery and hide it in the store while housemates crack on with Big Brother puzzle.

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17:30 K2 briefs in the "Say Yes" tasks. You, the awesome public, get the chance to dare housemates this way and that. 

16:30 In response to viewers' questions, Mbali said "As things are now, it would be K2 but back then, it would be Ex," when asked about a guy she would kiss in the house. Chelsea said she's not using Pumba to ge through the game. "I don't need to use people," she explains further.

16:20 It's time for Mbali and Chelsea's diary session. Mbali says Khali rubbed her the wrong way and she's glad that she's no longer in her space.

15:40 Your secret agents are officially on duty. Ace scopes the environment

15:20 So, whenever the Public's Undercover Team (PUT) wants the storeroom unlocked, they will have to do any of the following: 

- Sing the national anthem.
- Sit on a chair in the middle of the garden.
- Place a bucket or pot over their heads.

15:15 Big Brother calls K2 to the diary room to give the secret agents their mission:

- Steal and hide Tembi's blue gown and the girls' makeup kits.
- Steal and hide the entire cutlery.
- Swap out sugar for salt.

14:25 The viewers want to know if Tembi and Soxx will continue with their relationship after BBMzansi. Tembi says she'd like to know Soxx better but she has a pending legal issue, which they have discussed.

14:15 Diary sessions start off with Tembi and Soxx. Tembi says she's happy to be nominated alongside Ntombi and Ace. Well, these are fake nominations Tembi!

14:00 The search for the missing puzzle pieces continues and Ace and Kay are taking this very seriously as they turn everything on its head.

13:27 Chelsea gets to the timer right on time, wit hjust three minutes before it hits zero.

13:20 It's less than 10 minutes on the timer. Will the girls be on time to reset the timer or will they stay focused on the puzzle?

12:45  K2 reads a Nonsense task brief to the housemates and it's about assembling 1000 piece puzzle.  Housemates are confused

12:33  Blue selected by housemates is about to read today's task.

12:26  In the laundry room, Blue and Ntombi talk about how they don't like milkshakes.

12:20 Pumba says she'll never answer the red telephone again. "Pumba, ngikubone u-answer-a leya phone."

12:08  Soxx catches Kay cheating and she is so adamant that she did not and the game continues.

11:54  Soxx, Kay and Pumba are playing a township game that was introduced by Ntombi over the weekend.

11:05  K2 wrapping Soxx's hand with bandage

10:55  K2 and Blue are having a romantic moment and express how they feel about each other.  K2 tells her he enjoyed last night.

10:24  Ace and K2 are hard at work scrubbing the house windows.

09:58  Housemates are cleaning the house and Kay is scrubbing the dining room windows and looks so fierce.

09:45  Soxx struggles to wake up and seems to be hungover. Tembi asks him to watch her cleaning the house.

09:00  Housemates are very tired, Tembi and Ace are talking about the extra meat they received.  Mbali tells Ace she's been having funny dreams.

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