April 28, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 36

20:50 Ace feels sorry for Pumba because he believes Chelsea is playing gamers with him and not serious about their relationship.

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20:40 Ace and Ntombi are jovial in their diary session. They thank Mzansi for voting for them and giving them another week in the house.

20:15 Pumba cracks a smile when given the viewers question: Who would he pick between Tiffini and Chelsea? He says he'd pick Tiffini because they click better.

20:02 Kay says they're in low spirits because Pumba never opens up about his true feelings and she always has to bother him to find out what's wrong. Pumba says talking about your feelings doesn't help anything.

20:00 Kay and Pumba enter the diary room and seem rather down. Is it because they lost the Head of House challenge?

19:54 Soxx would love to see his mother and sister if Biggie rewarded them while Tembi would really like to see her mother, Nomusa.

19:48 Tembi and Soxx answer the viewers questions. Soxx likes Tembi because she's free-spirited and Tembi always wears her signature blue gown because she really likes the colour and she forgot to pack more tops when she came to Big Brother.

19:32 A cheerful Tembi and Soxx enter thei diary room for their session for the night. 

19:26 Blue finds Tembi the most annoying person in the house and K2 agrees. He also adds Chelsea to the annoying list.

19:24 Biggie asks K2 the viewers question, What happened to your stance on leaving the game still single? and he responds that he didn't see it coming but he doesn't regret falling in love.

19:20 If K2 could hear or see a loved one as a reward from Biggie it would be his bestfriend Itumeleng. Blue would love to hear from her twin sister, Brown.

19:10 It's time for the diary sessions.Blue and K2 go first and can't hide their joy and winning the Head of House title again.

18:38  Join the conversation using #BB2TV and #BBFreedom and tell us how you think the housemates should celebrate Freedom Day

18:08  Blue and Mbali have a chat outside about their brothers and sisters and what their names are. 

17:24  Biggie needs you! This week Biggie is placing you in the driver’s seat. You lucky bunch are going to choose your top three secret agents from any of the housemates to be a part of Biggie’s Public Undercover Team. #BBPUT 

17:05  Ace wipes out, Biggie tells K2 and Blue that they have completed the challenge in 18 minutes which means they are Head of House. Biggie announces that hot water is available. Biggie also announces that the winners of the skating challenge voted for by the viewers was K2 and Blue, they are told that the storeroom is open to get their award. 

17:01 Soxx powers through, Tembi belly flops onto the slide, it looked painful. She gets through, are those tears in her eyes?

16:51  K2 powers through, having worked out the best way to get through. The Yellow team seem more methodical in their approach. 

16:45  Ace powers through the slide, This is extremely energy sapping. Eventually, Ace finishes, their team took precisely 32 minutes. While the Yellow team readies themselves, Chelsea runs out to set the timer on their money.

16:35  The Blue team struggle across, Ace shouts "Wiggie wiggie wiggie..." 

16:21  Biggie calls the housemates into the arena to do part two of the HoH challenge, it is a slip-slide challenge, The Blue team is up, Pumba has difficulty as the surface is extremely slippery. Kay tries a different, more "visual" approach.

16:12  Soxx carries on playing board games and using his frat-boy accent, Chelsea shouts "Shut up" to him, he is obviously grinding on her nerves.

16:00  K2 and Blue, ever the power couple, win by a landslide

15:37  Pumba cuddles Chelsea. Ace cooks, waiting nervously for the results. 

15:12 Housemates wait inside eating and relaxing

14:31  Voting is underway for the Skate Challenge.

14:31  Vote for which pair you thought should win the Skate Challenge, using: #VoteKayPumba #VoteK2Blue #VoteAceNtombi #VoteMbaliChelsea #VoteSoxxTembi, Voting is open on Twitter for an hour from 14:30 until 15:30.

14:26  Next through are Chelsea and Mbali who try their best dance on very unsteady feet. Biggie sends the housemates to the garden. 

14:20  Ace and Ntombi freestyle through the course and they nominate Kay and Pumba to freestyle. The winners of this part will be voted for by you the public. Kay "Wooo, wooo" she waves her arms around. Soxx and Tembi's freestyle is up next. They look like professionals K2 and Blue go through as well. 

14:08  Chelsea and Mbali struggle through but are going a bit faster. They successfully navigate the course, they nominate K2 and Blue to go next and they take the lead. Tembi and soxx complete the course. Kay and Pumba, K2 and Blue go through to the next round.

14:02  It is time to begin. Ace does not look very stable on his skates. Ace spidercrawls and Ntombi can't move.

13:54  biggie sends the housemates to the arena door, they are going to do their HoH challenge.

13:28  Chelsea and Mbali talk about Gino and Tiffini. 

13:12  Housemates are to be given rollerblades and they have to pick up object in the arena skating backwards in the first stage of the Head of House challenge. 

13:05  Pumba says that he has not hooked up wit anyone in the house and that he misses Tiffini.

12:47  Ace has yet another drink in the garden. 

12:23  Kay smokes a cigarette outside, lost in thought. could Pumba be getting to her more than she thought?

12:10  Kay and Pumba argue outside. 

11:50  Ace and Ntombi flirt in the garden, play fighting and giggling like schoolchildren. 

11:41  Pumba covers his and Chelsea's heads with a pillow for a make out session. Poor Kay.

11:29  Mbali and Chelsea choose K2 and Clue and say that they are their biggest competition

11:15 Ace and Ntombi nominate Tembi and Soxx because of the tensions that have been bubbling under between the pairs. 

11:03  Tembi and Soxx nominate K2 and Blue. 

10:56  Ace gobbles down some food while Soxx and Tembi take a nap on the couch.

10:35 Soxx is playing the fool, amusing the housemates with a nasely frat-boy accent. 

10:22 Ace and Soxx go head-to-head in a light-hearted game of Murabaraba.

10:07 The housemates play a game of Murabaraba with bottles and caps of Shap Shap. 

09:37 Ntomb and Soxx attend to their laundry. 

09:30 Pumba prefers to do the dishes sitting down.

09:15 Some morning humour courtesy of Soxx: What did the one wall say to the other wall? I'll meet at the corner. Lols

09:00 Mbali and Chelsea sit, or rather sleep, this mornings exercise out. They have to keep a close eye on that timer every hour on the hour. Yikes and Yawn

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