April 27, 2015

Daily highlights: Day 35

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23:23  Ace and Ntombi talk about Pumba warning Chelsea about the timer moving.

23:18  Biggie summons all housemates inside the house and we wonder what could be on his sleeves.

23:05  Mbali runs outside to check on the timer and realised they nearly missed the hour.

22:34  It's nomination dinner time in the house and Tembi shares a toast.

22:20  Remaining housemates get their luggage back from the store room and put it back in their closet.

21:30  Everything is fake this week and Biggie has started messing around with housemates with fake nomination.

21:19  The ladies in the kitchen are talking about Bongi and Khali and their reaction to being evicted from the house.

21:04  They reset the timer and head back to the house where housemates are speculating about their prize but they explain everything to them.

21:00  Chelsea and Mbali discuss how they will monitor the time as they have 48 hours.

20:50  R30 000 is up for grabs for the Friday Night game winners, Chelsea and Mbali and there's a twist to it.

20:30  The genuine official pair Bongi and Khali have been evicted and they look so shocked.

20:25  Lungile crosses over to the house and asks Kay which task she enjoyed last week.

20:05  Mobi Dixon is on stage performing "City rains".

20:00  It's time for the live show and Lungile links to the big drama that played out on the previous week.

18:16  Housemates prepare for tonight's eviction show.

17:30  Blue tells Biggie she feels blessed and thanked K2 for choosing, he says they will be a Royal couple inside and outside the house.

17:16  Bongi and Khali tell Biggie that they are okay with leaving but will never accept it.  They think their biggest threat is Chelsea and Mbali.

16:58 Kay is really nervous about evictions tonight. Pumba feels that a lot of the housemates are stressing about tonight.

16:55 The nominees diary session are under way and first up is Kay and Pumba.

16:30 After the heavy lunch everyone is enjoying an ice cold chocolar milkshake for dessert.

16:00 Lunch is served! The housemates have fish fingers and chips made by Blue.

15:30 Ntombi gives Ace a pep talk in the garden and tells them whether or not they win the R2million, they need to make the most of the opportunity.

14:32  The housemates are getting ready for tonights show, Earlier Tembi was dancing as was Blue, now it is Chelseas chance todance dance around, the pampering session obviously having a positive effect on the housemates. 

13:16  Blue dances her heart out upstairs.

13:04 The housemates sit around chatting, some in their masks...

12:43  Blue directs the hair stylist in the way she wants her hair done.  

12:24  Blue to K2 "Should I wear that dress?" K2 to Blue "Nah, I don't remember, I wasn't checking you out that day."

11:53  Mbali has her turn in the dryer while Chelsea sleeps, as does K2.

11:29  Ace is clearly impressed with his new look, he dances in front of the mirror pulling faces at himself.  

11:15  Kay is very happy with her new hairdo, she spends a while playing with her hair

11:00  Ace has his hair done while Khali and Pumba look on. Ntombi and Chelsea also enjoy their pamper session. 

10:45  Kay finally gets to have her hair done, she sits and enjoys a drink while she gets a new hairstyle. 

10:25 The hair styles are coming along nicely for the girls. Ntombi and Kay are looking stunning with their new hairdos

10:00 With no eviction pressure, Soxx and Tembi are sleeping in this morning. It must be nice to know that you're definately not going home tonight.

09:30 It's time to get prim and proper. The nominees get their hair done in preparation for tonight.

09:00 Blue is up early and cleaning up the house while everyone sleeps after a hectic evening.

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