April 26, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 34

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20:50 Bongi continues to educate the housemates about everything under the sun.

20:30 Khali shares another one of her dating escapades with Blue and Ntombi. Hope they don't fall asleep this time around.

20:04 Tembi creeps up behind Soxx as he washes the dishes while Khali prepares something to eat.

19:40 The girls seem to be in a mischievious mood today. After fooling around in the bedroom they decide to pick on Khali.

19:10 Soxx reminds Tembi and Blue to make their messy beds as they tease him about the 'love pimple' on his cheek.

18:50 Chelsea tells Blue that Pumba is not her type.

18:25 The topic of the hour is, none other than, sex. 

17:58 Blue cooks up a storm in the kitchen. She tells Tembi that this is how the professionals do it. 

17:33 Chelsea helps Ntombi into the dress she lent her. 

17:10 Blue likes the way Tembi shakes her tail-feather!

16:49  Soxx tells Tembi that it's his time to shine and orders her around.

16:39  Guys outside are talking about relationships and alcohol.

16:22  The girls are playing dress up in the closet and Khali and yours truly Blue are parading around with different outfits.

16:02  Tembi is shopping in people's closets and her Khali try on Blue's skimpy dresses.

15:50  Khali asks Ntombi and Tembi if they like her partner Bongi.

15:31  Ace tries to figure out what's wrong with Ntombi and she tells him that her body is aching and will be better once she has taken a shower.

15:00  Pumba tells the guys that if he does not win, he will audition again next year.

14:52  Pumba asks Ace and Soxx about their matric dance and Ace tells him he never went because he got kicked out of school and Soxx also never went due to family obligations.

14:30  Blue makes food for herself and K2 and they eat together in the dining room.  He tells her he can't believe they've been in the house for four weeks.

14:08  K2 tells Blue not to worry about tomorrow because they got each other and his behind her 100 percent.

14:00  Housemates talk about cartoons and what they used to watch when they were younger.

13:24  Khali asks Mbali to buy Amasi so she can make African salad for everyone.  Chelsea tells them she does not want pap anymore because her stomach is turning into pap.

13:09  It's shopping time and all housemates gather in the lounge to do their groceries.

12:55  Some housemates are chilling in the bed room, sharing sweets and they are talking about sweet things in their lives.

12:36  Pumba and K2 are chilling outside and Pumba asks him about his stress levels.

12:15  Chelsea tells Mbali that her feet look normal again and thanks the lady who did them.

12:00  Pumba and Kay are done with their massage and he takes the drinks downstairs.  Chelsea tells Mbali that Kay takes full advantage of the treatment as she asked for her nails to be painted.

11:30  Chelsea and Mbali while they are getting their padicure, they talk about previous task winner and what could be their prize.

11:00  While the ladies are trying to finish up Kay's padicure, Mbali and Pumba play pool in the chill room and are having fun.

10:45  Kay and Pumba get their feet done while Chelsea and Mbali get their backs massaged.

10:29  Chelsea and Mbali are woken up by Soxx for their spa treatment and Kay is excited and called her partner Pumba.

09:31  Biggie wakes up housemates and calls a Head of House into the  diary room.

09:00  This is the beginning of the morning and all housemates are still sleeping.

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