April 25, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 33

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21:44  "Zengeng" the intrepid two call on Bongi to help but they cannot complete the games and Chelsea and Mbali win again. 

21:34  Soxx and Tembi are next up, they fail their first attempt but Biggie says "you are doing an excellent job so far." Geography is also not their forte as they also struggle. 

21:09  The two pairs have to have an encyclopaedic knowlege of cities, towns and provinces of South Africa. Geography is clearly not their strong point. Eventually they ask Pumba to assist, They eventually complete their task in just over eleven minutes. 

20:47  K2 is none too pleased that they once again fell short of a challenge. 

20:27  It's a dead rubber between Chelsea and Mbali and Pumba and Kay, Chelsea and Mbali narrowly edge it which means that they now face Soxx and Tembi. Biggie tells the housemates to leave and go to the garden.

20:24  Soxx and Tembi are the first pair to complete their puzzle

20:13  The housemates are in the arena playing Friday Night Games. In the Power of Knowlege, the first game is called Piece of Land.

20:00  Biggie calls a HoH to the diary room. Chelsea talks Winnie the Pooh. 

19:40  K2 has a heart to heart with Blue and they also talk about the other housemates and how K2 thinks that they all think that all he does is "macking on you" 

19:29  Housemates discuss their social media profiles and also watching shows. 

19:10  Blue and K2 talk about a robbery from before. 

18:50  Chelsea has been cozying up to Pumba under the blankets on the sofa, is it because it is cold or does poor Kay have something to worry about? 

18:30  This Sunday night's live eviction show has Mobi Dixon and Mpumi performing live. Tune in to Africa Magic DStv channel 161 at 20:00 to watch these two electric performers own Biggie's stage. 

17:47  The house is quiet, people are asleep and wrapping themselves up to protect themselves from the cold. 

17:13  K2 has a smoke in the garden while Pumba chills with Khali. Biggie asks for two pairs of housemates to go to the diary room. Pumba says "It's a trap"

16:52  Mbali brushes the sofas clean, Ntombi is still fast asleep, is the weather making everyone tired?

16:39  Tembi gives Ace an acting masterclass. 

16:12  Ntombi naps on Ace's shoulder while Biggie turns up the music. 

16:02  Tembi discusses Kwaito, Skwatta Camp and artists she loves. She feels there is no true Kwaito anymore

15:49  The rainy weather means everyone is wrapping up and it leads to long conversations. Everyone is bonding with each other. 

15:18  Kay and Ntombi chatter while washing the dishes while the girls outside eat, obviously starving after their amazing performances this morning. 

15:02  Sign up to VIP, it's only R100.00, it's your gateway to a whole universe of Big Brother. You won't be sorry. 

14:40  The girls discuss models, and height. 

14:31  Bongi chats with a lounging and yawning Pumba. 

13:48  Bongi neatens up in the bedroom, it looks like a tornado has hit it. What will Biggie think? Have the HoH pair lost control of the house?

13:15  The housemates are all elated from their Sing Off and they recap their time on the stage. 

13:00 Mbali and Chelsea win this week's Double or Nothing Sing Off challenge

12:40 Kay and Pumba fail to impress the judges while Mbali and Chelsea fly to the top spot. 

12:25 Ace and Ntombi manage to impress the judges the second time around. 

12:15 K2 & Blue and Tembi and Soxx fall out of the first round with the lowest score. 

12:00 Mbali and Chelsea impress the judges

11:39 Whew! These judges are tough! Khali and Bongi do better than Tembi and Soxx. It's Ace and Ntombi's turn!

11:25 Housemates are ushered into the arena for the Sing Off challenge. Ntombi can't contain her exitement at meeting the celeb judges. Tembi and Soxx are up first. 

11:00 Mbali and Chelsea get into their Sing Off zone. 

10:40 Everyone is refining their karaoke song. Don't miss it. #BBSingOff! 

10:25 Housemates get ready for the Sing-Off happening in a couple of moments. Tell us what you think by using the hastag #BBSingOff. 

10:10 Ace and Ntombi are the last to lay their karaoke Sing-Off tonight! 

09:49 Kay flexes her vocal cords while Khali and Ntombi predict who tonight's Sing-Off judges will be. Find out here. 

09:33 Housemates gather in the garden. 

09:15 K2 and Tembi get their mandatory morning dose of flirting in.

09:00 Housemates unwind after a deep-conditioning session of Yoga. Ntombi struggles to stay away long enought to reap the rewards of all that stretching.

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