April 24, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 32

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21:47  Housemates are upstairs choosing their songs provided by Biggie for tomorrow's Double or Nothing Challenge.

21:34  The Royal Blue is having her african beer in a wine glass.

21:15  Soxx and Pumba are talking about african beer and samp and beans and how delicious it is.

21:00  Housemates are gathering outside and talking about tomorrow's Double or Nothing Challenge and the celebrities that will be judging.

20:47  All pairs are enjoying their meal and Tembi tells Soxx not to worry because she will never steal his shine.

20:42  HoH Soxx reads out tomorrow morning's Double or Nothing Challenge which will be a "Big Brother Sing Off Competition.

20:30  Housemates are celebrating outside and HoH are asked to go and get their goodies.

20:25  Biggie announces that housemates have won their 100 percent wager and receive ribs and "umqombothi" an african beer.

20:11  African princesses took to the stage perform their theme song called "Africa Unite" and ask all housemates to join in.

19:50  Ace and Ntombi's presentation is about being proud of who you are and where you come from.

19:30  Tembi is tonight's MC and calls on to the stage Blue and K2.

19:20  Biggie announces that the housemates can begin with their presentation and he says that their wager could be in danger as they seemed not to be ready.

19:05  Housemates are called down stairs to collect their african prints and props.

19:00  Housemates are in the closet getting ready for tonight's presentation and some ladies are wearing their african prints.

18:50  Ace and Ntombi sing cry for help songs by local artists and they are joined by Bongi.  Ace tells his partner that he has noticed that she wants to steal the shine.

18:37  With less than half an hour to go before their presentation, the housemates are hard at work to impress  Biggie.  

18:19  Chelsea and Mbali sing "Africa Unite" with a big smile on their faces.

18:01  Bongi says that African songs are repetetive. Kay sings, "Baby" is right next to her, watching. Biggie announces thet it is now an hour to their task. 

17:42  "Smile and see the sunshine on the horizon" Mbali reads out their lyrics. 

17:28  Ace and Ntombi practise their percussive call and response song.

17:18  Kay snacks away while sings her song. 

17:03  It's time to Power Dance in the garden again.

16:45  Soxx and Tembi cautiously work on their song. Will the Power of Unity and music bring them back together?

16:24  Chelsea and Mbali practise their song for tonights wager as does Tembi. 

16:07  Soxx continues to clean the kitchen, Chelsea joins him. Ntombi sings outside.

15:51  This Saturdaynight's Shap Shap party features none other than DJ Loco 

15:33  Soxx and Tembi was the dishes in silence, their earlier fight in the diary room weighing heavily on the pair.

15:22  Mbalsea are discussing the importance of communication with biggie. 

15:07  K2 and Blue have their diary session. K2 says that the house is filthy and he feels that the wager is in danger, they feel that he HoH is not in control. 

14:51  Ace and Ntombi, Ntombi discusses Kay's crush on Pumba, 

14:37  Housemates work on their song for tonights wager. Khali bangs her drum

14:00  Soxx and Tembi are next in the diary room. Tembi tells Soxx that she is tired. Soxx chats about the dishes situation. Tembi says that she is a bit irritated with Soxx and feels that she is needy. Soxx feels annoyed by Tembi too. They have a "lovers tiff."  "I am glad we had this in this room as I know what you actually think about me, Mister "I love you" I'm done." 

13:50  Pumba and Kay are in the diary room, Kay says she is angry with Biggie for playing music when she is sleeping. Pumba thinks that the housemates have done 110% into the wager. 

13:30  Housemates are busy with their Power of Unity song task. Bongi and Khali are called into the diary room. Bongi complains about the lack of cleaning happening in the house. Khali talks about the HoH pair always sleeping. 

12:30 Ace and Ntombi bicker about how to correctly make their African drum.

12:00 The drum making is proving rather difficult but they all soldier on with their task.

11:30 The housemates waste no time in getting to work on their home-made drums for the Drum Circle challenge.

11:25 Tembi reads out a task to everyone. Biggie wants the housemates to embrace the spirit of African unity.

10:59  Ntombi talks about trying to get her songs played on the radio and get into a studio to record.  

10:35  Kay tries to go back to the bathroom but another track plays and she has to run out again.

10:22  The music plays, the housemates dance, sort of, the Power Dance is clearly taking its toll. 

10:13 Ntombi asks Biggie to play some more music but Mbali cautions her saying, "Your requests are crazy. People are tired."

10:02 And... Action! Biggie disrupts the downtime with some house music that they all have to get up and dance to.

09:55 Ntombi and Mbali are having a little breakfast while everyone else sleeps the morning away.

09:35 Tembi and Soxx are hanging out in the hammock and discussing K2's tricks.

09:30 Mbali is serious about cleaning up and is even sweeping outside while everyone else lounges aorund.

09:00 It's a rather lazy morning in the house. Everyone looks really sleepy but they're up and about none the less. Mbali is making the house a home by getting some spring cleaning done.

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