April 22, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 31

20:48 Kay shares a story about how she once got a one-up on the cops.

20:25 It's time to power dance! Housemates are only too delighted after Biggie furnished them with a bit of booze.  

20:00 Ntombi tells Chelsea about how she came to be a freestyle rapper. She expresses that her weak point lies in penning her rhymes. 

19:41 The girls talk feminine and sexual hygene.

19:15 Khali tells Chelsea and Tembi that she has been compared to a horse because she is fiercly independant but personally her spirit animal is a black leopard. 

18:50   Chelsea washes dishes while the other housemates sit outside chatting. 

18:20  Ace and Ntombi get their treat for winning the Power of money task, Biltong. They are not too keen to share. 

17:42  It's time for the Power of money task. At the sound of the buzzer the housemates must rip over as many pillows as they can and work in a tag team fashion and then take each coin they find. The housemates do not listen to biggie and incurs his wrath. Biggie restarts the game. Chaos ensues as Biggie counts down. Ace and Ntombi win. 

17:39  The Power dance is on again. 

17:31  Soxx reads out the next task: Money is power. Housemates have to rip open pillows to find gold coins and run to put them into a piggy bank. The couple with the most gold coins will win the challenge. 

17:07  Ace and Ntombi are in the diary room. Ace says he is worried about Ntombi in the house. Ace says that he would like for them to fight less. Biggie plays marriage concillor to the warring couple. 

17:02  Khali says that she thinks it is bad to sometimes think to much.

16:45  Khali and Bongi are in the diary room. Khali discusses how annoyed she is getting with the limited conversation that the girls are having. Khali says that women want men to be financially stable. 

16:38  Tembi says that she can dance. 

16:22  Kay says she misses most from the outside world is a roll in the hay, Pumba says that he misses his friends.  

16:13  Biggie admonishes Kay and Pumba for taking their time to get into the diary room. Pumba feels that the girls are messier than the boys. "There is no romance without finance" Kay says that she will not date anyone who does not have money. Pumba thinks that she is not phrasing it properly. 

16:06  Biggie gets Soxx and Tembi to say one sentense to each other and both say they want to be in each others life for a very long time. Tembi gives ashoutout to her son and Soxx gives a shoutout to Bexx and the rest of his family. 

15:56  Soxx and Tembi say that everyone in the house is awesome and grateful at how everyone worked well together. They discuss their relationship and they say that they need to keep focus. "Play your game."

15:40  K2 and Blue are regal in their diary session. They talk about their issues earlier this week and how it has brought them closer together. 

15:32  "I'm a very beechy person" says Chelsea, Mbali says she misses her family. 

15:20  Mbali and Chelsea have their diary session. They discuss their pipeline win and say that it was good that everyone worked well together and that they listened to each other. 

15:02  It's Power Dance time. "So grateful"

14:53  Pumba and co chat about Beats by Dre and Apple, It's Blue's turn for storytime. 

14:39  Sign up to a world of VIP, it's only R100.00 and open your world to exclusive interviews and behind the scened footage of the housemates. 

14:19  Tembi and Chelsea make pancakes. 

14:09  Kay has been entertaining today "There's no homance without finance."

14:00  The housemates are happy and sit inside in animated discussion. 

13:47  Soxx pours the liquid in and the construction holds, they succeed in winning the wager challenge. Biggie sends the housemates back indoors. 

13:43  Housemates are almost done and are ready to test their construction.

13:27  Blue continues her Royal fashion parade while constructing the Power Pipeline. 

13:14  Biggie addresses the housemates and reiterates some rules. The buzzer sounds and the housemates run off to do their construction. 

13:00  Tembi reads out the Power Pipeline wager chellenge. Housemates need to construct a pipeline that will be able to transport liquid from one space to another. 

12:45  K2 gets into bed with a tired Blue.

12:27  The discussion centres around gambling and the dangers connected to it. 

12:12  Bongi talks about budgets, he says "If you earn R10 000.00 you can afford a R5000.00 lifestyle. 

11:55  Ntombi beatboxes her way through her cleaning chores. 

11:49  Kay - "Exactly!" Pumba and Kay discuss people who do not pay back money that has been lent to them. 

11:38  Blue continues her alternative fashion parade on her bed, still in her tiara. 

11:22  The ever stylish and fashion conscious Blue cleans th ebedroom area, in a tiara. You go girl!

11:01  They now chat about the movie "John Wick." Mbali is fast asleep. Ntombi washes dishes. 

10:52  Biggies "Power Dance" challenge seems to be taking its toll on the housemates. Bongi chats about Shakespeare's "Othelo"

10:31  Ntombi is not feeling too great. Khali is tired, maybe the dancing in the garden will wake her up.

10:21  Housemates talk about how hot ot was last night and Ntombi says that she is unused to the heat. 

09:49  While making breakfast, Ntombi complains to Ace about having stomach cramps and he tells her that she must pull up her socks and he’d rather not know when she gets sick.  Ntombi says she won’t tell him anything anymore because she can see he does not care.

09:39  Housemates talk about going to the gym and the importance of having a proper structure and the music is back.

09:12  Music is back and housemates have to stop whatever they were doing, go to the garden and start dancing, some of them came straight from the shower.

09:00  Tembi shares a sandwich with Soxx and he tells her that he is tired and goes and lies on the couch.

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