April 21, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 30

21:02 The girls talk about what their boyfriends in the outside world are like. Mbali says her man is allergic to meat!

20:50 It's kwaito hour in the house as Biggie now drops "Twalatsa" and once again they can't help but dance.

20:30 Mnike! Biggie makes them all dance to the Arthur Mafokate classic, "Mnike," and they love it!

20:15 Biggie switches things up with some fast paced traditional music. Maybe that will get everyone in the mood to break out their dance moves.

19:50 Looks like it's a chicken and mayo sandwich for dinner tonight.

19:29 Is Biggie play a sinister trick on them? Every time anyone walks into the bathroom, he plays music

19:02 With weary feet everyone gets up and dances again.

18:56 Ntombi offers to cook for the extremely hungry housemates.

18:39 Just when they thought they could rest for a bit, Biggie plays another song they must dance too.

18:27 Pumba says he misses getting into trouble but Ace on the other hand thinks, unlike Pumba, he's almost always in trouble in Biggie's house.

18:15 Bongi and Pumba discuss different styles of combat and conclude that the most lethal has to be Mixed Martial Arts fighters because you can never spot them in the crowd.

16:52 Stop, drop and get to jiving!

16:35 Housemates share their favourite radio tales.

16:20 Soxx continues to clean his heart out. Clearly the kitchen would never be as clean as what it was with Soxx as a HoH.

16:00 Blue and K2 are proud of how they have played the game so far. They can’t contain their thrill as they tell Biggie that they are not here to make friends. 

15:40 Khali is confident that they are going to win this week's wager.

15:40 Khali is confident that they are going to win this week's wager.

15:14 Committed to a 100% effort housemates dance till their knees give out for the ongoing dance task. 

14:51 Soxx goes from breaking the rules in the diary room to break glass in the kitchen. It's tough being in a position of power. 

14:33 Biggie cuts Soxx and Tembi's session short after Soxx's foul-mouthed outburst. 

14:22 Soxx tells Tembi that her behaviour in the challenge was shocking.

14:07 The diary sessions are off to a good start with Kay announcing that she's lost weight, alongside Pumba. 

13:35 Biggie gives housemates an extra eight minutes to complete their task. 

12:50 Housemates cant seem to agree about the task at hand. 

12:26 Soxx and Ace do some more cleaning. 

12:05 K2 cleans up after himself in the wardrobe as the girls dance about in the living room. 

11:45 Housemates wager a 100% and get to power dancing! Hello Postive Power Charge week.  

11:20 Tembi and Soxx tell biggie that the house has decided to wager 100%. 

11:05 Soxx takes to the kitchen to clean-up as Tembi sneaks up behind her to steal a kiss. 

10:40 Housemates talk movies. 

10:17 Ace is looking a little restless and worried. 

10:00 Housemates are up and about to their usual chatting about some or other celebrity type. 

09:35 Who else other than Bongi and Chelsea to complain about exercising in the morning? Tsk tsk!

09:20 The girls and K2 preen themselves in preparation for the day ahead. Kay proposes a meeting for the smokers. She must mean business

09:00 It's mama Tembi's kitchen. The new Head of House prepares breakfast for the housemates. 

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