April 06, 2015

Chelsea and Mbali Vs The Housemates

Today housemates commenced their liquid diet with a gruelling side order of strength training. Thanks to Mbali and Chelsea – or Biggie more like – the bunch had to endure a four day diet of just liquids. That meant water, tea, coffee, fizzy drink and juices.

They were also encouraged to drink meal replacement protein mill shakes because part of the challenge was to promote rigorous health. 

However, with everyone rushing to replenish their stocks this morning after a taxing work out, it appeared the milk itself was running out. Just perfect.

Some were less than impressed at their new challenge especially since there was more in it for Mbali and Chelsea – R10,000 each worth to be specific. Kay was one such unhappy camper and the look on her face when breakfast was served said it as much.

There was a condition with the deal the Mbali and Chelsea took. For the housemates who were no longer able to starve themselves – or not prepared to – Biggie would be serving special meals from Big Brother’s Mobile Kitchen, open as breakfast, lunch and supper time, in the garden.

But the meals came at a cost to Mbali and Chelsea’s loot as they would have to pay from their winnings. The pair had only had 10 minutes to decide whether to purchase a meal for the house or not. If the housemates stole a meal Mbali and Chelsea would still have to pay.

Sparks flew between Ace, who simply joked about nabbing meals, and Mbali, who warned she’d be upset if anyone stole from them. 

She then proceeded to lecture them about will power and fairness when Bongi pointed out that fairness had nothing to do with it.

Biggie was testing more than the housemates’ will to live on a liquid diet. In the context of the game the challenge was also to find out how far either party – Mbali and Chelsea vs the housemates – was willing to give and take.

Normal – and very possibly, calm – would only be restored on Thursday evening when Biggie lifted the diet and delivered food.

Would it really be all for one?

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