April 07, 2015

Chelsea And Mbali Discuss Food With The Housemates

Nothing has rocked the foundation of the house and the sanity of the housemates like the liquid diet challenge. 

After they went through Big Brother’s house rules for clarity on appropriate conduct, the housemates decided to address the tension surrounding the food situation with Mbali and Chelsea.

Mbali and Chelsea started off the conversation with a spirited speech about self-control and respecting space. 

An upset Mbali explained to the housemates how although the R10 000 may seem like a little amount to the other housemates, to her the money would go a long way towards her bills, especially with the prospect of going home this week. 

Chelsea also spoke out on how she felt it was unfair for the housemates to label them evil even if it was a joke because they know they’re ‘nice people’.

Surprisingly the housemates listened respectfully but that doesn’t mean they agreed with the besties. The birthday boy Bongi spoke on how the liquid diet is not only causing hunger amongst his fellow housemates but he suggested that it’s also causing minor health challenges for some individuals with diarrhea apparently running rampant in the house.

Kay also shared her view and made it clear that she sees no need to be starving because of something else. While everyone else tried to keep things ammicable, tempares flared once again when Ace had his turn to address Mbali. 

Feeling attacked, Ace explained that the injury Mbali sustained was self inflicted although he did still apologize. Mbali on the otherhand felt Ace's apology was half-hearted and therefore didn't mean anything to her. 

The two housemates managed to walk away from each other without additional confrontation but there is still no peace amongst them

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