April 06, 2015

Chelsea And Mbali Efficiently Guard The Food

This week housemates were put to the test as they had to forgo food due to Mbali and Chelsea’s R10,000 deal. According to some they had struck a deal with the devil and their true colours were beginning to show.

When Biggies Mobile Kitchen arrived for breakfast, as it was promised, housemates scampered out to the garden only to ogle at a scrumptious looking plate of food. 

It was hard enough to already be starving but the meal on display proved too much a temptation for the hungry bunch.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. It gifts us with mental and physical vitality to weather the big bad world. 

Housemates, as most do, woke up hungry from a night of sleep and a bite of anything would do them good. But this was the name of the challenge; will power.

Seated at the food stand Mbali and Chelsea guarded the crossants and egg brekkie with their lives. They were adamant that they were not willing to lose that much money just for housemates to eat. 

Chelsea even pointed out, when Kay asked, that she didn’t want to give up not one copper cent of her cash prize.
Kay them informed them that if they weren’t even considering a compromise of sorts then they were in for a tough time from housemates.

Ace and K2 also poked fun at the pair pleading with them for at least a meal to share, if nothing else. But these birdies weren’t budging.

It hadn’t even been a day and food wars were already on the horizon. With this food-loving, increasingly-starving group, was it really worth it for Mbali and Chelsea? 

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