April 27, 2015

Chelsea And Mbali Continue To Guard Their Cheque

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As we already know that Chelsea and Mbali won R30,000 during last night’s live eviction show, now the girls need to set a time every hour on the hour in order to take the full amount home.  

Therefore if they fail to keep to time just like Big Brother wants them to do, it will automatically cost them R5,000. This means their prize of R30,000 will have reduced by R5,000 to R25,000.

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Further still the deducted amount of money 'R5,000' will be inherited by another housemate and in an attempt to keep reminding the girls of what might be at stake if they mess up in way, Big Brother decided to put Mbali and Chelsea's cheque of R30,000 in a glass box under a saw ready to be sliced.

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Mbali and Chelsea were twice-lucky but many times bitten after having jumped through physical and emotional hoops to keep their winnings of R10,000 each earlier on in the game. They had become experts at weathering Biggie’s tough conditions.

Lets keep watching to see if the girls will keep all their R30,000 by the time 48 hours elapse..

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