April 29, 2015

Catch Up With Bongi And Khali [Interview]

Having only dated for three months before entering the competition the couple entered the house with one big rule: no sex in the Big Brother house.

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We spoke to the pair about what they got up to on their first night out, their memorable moments and their future plans.

Question: What does it feel like to be out of the house? What’s the first thing you did?

Bongi: (laughs) the first thing, well we got reacquainted with each other.

Question: Why do you think you didn’t make it to the finals?

Bongi: I have no idea really. I haven’t watched the show. I haven’t gone into the whole social media aspect of it and what is actually going on there. I actually have no idea maybe we just weren’t what the fans wanted. But we love them none the less.

Question: Is there anything you would have done differently?

Khali: We went in there without a strategy, honestly we really didn’t have one. If we would have talked about what we would have done before we went into the house it would have made a difference. Once we were there, we couldn’t really talk about it.

Question: When you entered the house your relationship was three months old. Has this experience strengthened your relationship and what have you learned about each other?

Bongi: Oh yes it strengthened it. We went it knowing it  would either make it or break it. We came out of the house still very much in love so that was awesome. We learned some good things and bad things.

Khali: I learned that you are crusty!

Bongi: It was awesome.

Question: Would you enter another reality show together?

Khali: (laughs) I think I would but we would go in with a strategy then.

Question: What surprised you most about the way viewers have perceived you?

Khali: I dabbled into Twitter and we have been getting nothing but love. There is the occasional knock but its okay. Something that surprised me is that someone said that we were too much in love. Maybe that annoyed people.

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Question: Many pairs see Ace and Ntombi as weak in the house however they have a huge following on social media. Who do you think will win?

Khali: I found them physically weak in terms of tasks and HOH challenges. By default Ntombi was somehow incapacitated. I always thought they were strong otherwise. For me the biggest guns were them and one of the other couples that left. Personally I would like Pumba and Kay to win, they our friends. Secondly for their resilience Mbali and Chelsea. 

Question: Bongi you talked a lot about books you have read. If you had to write a book about your BB experience what would you title it and what genre would it be?

Bongi: It would be like a situational comedy like a work comedy something like The Office. I would title it ‘My two months in a cage.’

Question: What is the highlight of your stay in the house?

Bongi: For me it was the mud fight. That was the moment when everyone was on the verge of losing their minds. Everyone was just so carefree.

Khali: For me it was getting flowers on my birthday! Brownie points right there. I mean how many girls can say their man bought them flowers on national TV.

Question: What are your future plans?

Khali: I want to pursue my career in acting and I would love to do radio and presenting. And I love dancing! So I’ll throw in a little dance here and there.

Bongi: I am going to back for working for my dad and become a full partner in his businesses. For the next foreseeable future, into next year I’ll be working hard with him. After that I really have no idea.

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