April 08, 2015

Can The Housemates Continue Living Without Food?

Despite the fact that they are trying to pretend, Big Brother's housemates are really finding it very hard to coupe up with the hunger that Blue and Chelsea are taking them through.

This morning the Big Brother Mzansi trouble makers really struggled throughout the entire morning exercise session as they were visibly weaker than ever.

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Talking about the morning exercises this morning, beauty queen Blue and Gino weren't available for the whole session as they slept it out.

Ntombi's man Ace is the most affected housemate as he's even finding it hard to speak out and filled with both hunger and anger, Ace decided to sit alone this morning after which he was seen in action with a soccer ball outside the house.
Then just as the housemates were settling into the swing of their hunger-laced day, Big Brother unleashed the infamous mobile kitchen! Knowing their prize money was once again at stake, Mbali and Chelsea rushed out to protect their precious merchandise.

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The breakfast for the day consisted of pancakes, halloumi, mushrooms, fried eggs, tomato and toast but this time Mbali didn’t even let the housemates see the meal let alone get close enough to steal it.

Accepting defeat, the housemates retreated to the kitchen where they made another batch of protein shakes to hold their tummies until lunch time. It’s going to be a long day in the Big Brother house

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