April 05, 2015

Bongi, Khali, Sibu and Matthias Pack Their Belongings

The final hour is slowly coming closer and nominated housemates packed their belongings and got ready for the eviction night ahead.  

It was good to note that the mood was not disheartened and housemates got on with their business as usual but with Khali and Bongi, they looked as if they were feeling the pressure and looked at the good times they had in the house.  Khali told her man that his equally funny as Sibu and has got the numbers game so they need not to worry.

We wondered if Sibu and Matthias will worm their way out of eviction because they’ve been telling other housemates they not going anywhere and that the house will be boring without them.  Because he is not on the chopping board, Soxx wandered around in his underwear and made fun of people leaving the house tonight.

While getting dressed there was a speculation galore between Chelsea, Blue and Mbali about who will go and how the dynamics of the house will change after tonight.

Who will surviving tonight’s chopping board? Will it be Sibu and Matthias who are dramatic tenants in the house or will it be the cool, calm and collected Bongi and Khali?

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