April 05, 2015

Bongi and Khali Are Feeling The Pressure

With the dreaded eviction night drawing closer the housemates have been steadily preparing themselves for the evening’s event but even though they know who’s nominated, it doesn’t mean everyone else is sitting easy. 
Time and time again Big Brother has pulled a fast one of the housemates and at this point they’d be forgiven for believing that all is not as it seems.

Despite the reality of going home being very real, Matthias and Sibu are convinced they’re here to stay and aren’t sweating the big night much. 
The lovebirds Bongi and Khali on the other hand remain a bit apprehensive about their fate tonight and last night the usually calm Khali lost her cool and lashed out at Matt. Could they be cracking under the pressure?

Regardless of whichever pair goes home, the effect will be felt throughout the house. Matt’s possible departure would definitely open up the kitchen and unleash free reign on the food. Plus K2 will finally have Blue to himself but will the house really be better with less drama?

If Bongi leaves with his boo Soxx will have lost his guy-talk buddy and the house’s resident encyclopaedia will be no more.But as we’ve seen from the departure of Ex and Lebo, life goes on!

All that’s left to see is who will be heading home later tonight.

Don’t miss the live eviction show on Mzansi Magic channel 161 at 20:00.

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