April 20, 2015

Biggie Declares Soxx And Tembi As The New HoH

In today’s HoH challenge, qualifying pairs K2 and Blue and Tembi and Soxx chose their teams competed in an electrifying challenge were it was a race against time and Biggie kept a careful record of each team’s time.

Soxx and Tembi’s team consisted of Kay, Ace, Pumba and Ntombi.  The Royals chose Mbali, Chelsea, Bongi and Khali.

At the sound of the buzzer, one pair at a time needed to work their way across the Electric Minefield and back to the start line by climbing over the electrified ropes.

Housemates avoided being shocked as there were exposed electric wires all along the course.  Once all team members had successfully made it back to the start line, all six team members were tethered together and as a group made their way across the Minefield and back and once more.

The Royal’s team arrived back on their mat in the shortest recorded time which was one minute thirty five seconds and Soxx and Tembi’s made it at one minute fourty four seconds.

But at the end of the challenge, Biggie noticed some discrepancies and housemates had to go back to the house and he had to make a careful decision.

Kay thought the challenge was fair but K2 thought Biggie did not wasn’t them to win the HoH challenge again.

Biggie announced to the housemates that they didn’t follow the rules for the HoH task and showed them the footage as to how they didn’t follow the rules.

Housemates had to go back to the house as Biggie had to make a careful decision as to what will happen, whether they redo the challenge or choose winners.

After a careful consideration, Biggie believed that Soxx and Tembi’s team adhered to all the rules and thought they should become the new Heads of House.

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