April 24, 2015

Big Brother's Sing Off Competition

After the housemates had won their 100% wager last night, the Head of House Soxx read out today's Double or Nothing Challenge which would of course be a “”.

And for the preparations of the Sing Off Competitions, Big Brother decided to set up a Karaoke machine in the chill room above the kitchen. He only accepted housemates to enter there for rehearsals.

Housemates were also restricted to only playing songs that were already listed and this would work in away that pairs were to select a track for each round and write it down on the track list provided and had to endeavour to memorise the lyrics to the songs they chose but were free to improvise or freestyle as the celebrity judges would judge and score according to firstly originality, performance and presentation.

The Challenge is composed of three rounds whereby housemates will first have to qualify in order to proceed to the next round and for the judgement part of it, the public won't be voting as Biggie will be bringing in three celebrity personalities to judge and score each pair per round.

So this's how the qualification will work, for the first round all pairs will be competing and after the judges have scored marks for each pair, two worst performing couples will then be eliminated until there only two couples that will eventually compete in the final round.

As it was in the past week, the winning pair will get to spin the Double or Nothing Wheel to see if they are at liberty to invite another pair to join them for the spa treatment.  There will be more at store for the winning pair, where they will get a bonus special prize hamper from the celebrity judges.

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