April 30, 2015

Big Brother's Puppet Show

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As Biggie wrapped up Non Sense Week there was one last hilarious task for the housemates to tackle; a puppet show.

Complete with hand-made puppets, all the pairs were tasked with designing their puppets, a script and performing it all tonight at the task presentation. With creativity levels varying in the house, it made for interesting looking puppets and even more obscure plays.

To set the ambiance, Biggie placed a puppet show stage in the garden with benches for the audience. When all was ready, the housemates were summoned outside and Ace and Ntombi were first to stage their production.

With the slight challenge of not being able to speak to each other due to the ‘Say Yes’ challenge, the couple mumbled and mimed their way through their show and left everyone quiet confused about what the storyline actually was.

Pumba and Kay ran with a more sentimental storyline and tackled the issue of bullying in schools. Pumba ended their production by giving the housemates and viewers advice on where they can find more information and assistance if they’re being bullied.

The Royals however put on a tongue in cheek show when they re-enacted the drama that ensued early in the house when Matthias was still trying desperately to woe the pretty Blue. Just like in the house, the fictional Matthias’s advances were thwarted thanks to a meddling K2. The housemates savioured the performance and couldn’t believe the pair was taking shots at the evicted housemate.

Once all the plays were done it was time for the viewers to vote while the housemates discussed amongst themselves which one they enjoyed the most.

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