April 13, 2015

Big Brother To Ban Alcohol From The House

After issuing out the last strike of the night to Ace and Ntombi, Big Brother was not yet done with the work.

"Housemates, there's one more thing Big Brother would like to address and this involves everyone in the Big Brother house" he said.

Biggie then quoted from rule book once again.. Abuse of Alcohol. He urged all housemates to consume alcohol responsibly and in a mature and adult fashion, Biggie further said that should alcohol abuse become  apparent and re-occurant, he would definately limit or ban alcohol for a period

Biggie also said that he was not impressed with the level of irresponsible behavior some housemates have displayed due to the excessive alcohol intake. And with immediate effect, alcohol was then rationed drastically until housemates demonstrate their ability to be responsible

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