April 07, 2015

Big Brother Reminds The Housemates About The Rules Of The Game

The past few days in the Big Brother house have seen several outbursts and confrontations between the housemates. Although none of them have become physical, verbal insults have flown freely across the rooms of the house and Biggie has had enough.

The all-seeing Biggie called the housemates into the lounge and gave all the housemates a stern warning about the consequences of not keeping ones temper in check. 

He explained to them that prejudice would not be accepted and any housemate who disobeyed the rules would receive a strike and possibly even end up disqualified from the house along with their partner.

Later on in the night Biggie’s words seems to have stuck with the housemates as they gathered on the patio and went through the Big Brother house rules. 

There was a brief debate over what the rules meant and where they may be crossing the line then the housemates all agreed to behave better.

Although all is well now, the liquid diet is barely half way through and the housemates are still highly displeased with Mbali and Chelsea so one can be forgiven for thinking there’s still a time bomb waiting to explode. Only time will tell.

Gino, Tiffini, Mbali, Chelsea, Soxx and Bexx are up for eviction. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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