April 05, 2015

Big Brother Mzansi 2015 Saturday Night Party: Khali And Mbali Are Dance Queens

Well DJ AJ came prepared and boy were the housemates primed for the ‘turn-up’. They danced right down to their tippy toes resting only for a re-fill of Shap Shap. The dance floor was on fire.

Dominatrix' in black Mbali and Khali had the crowd and us eating out of the palm of their hands. Khali was always the life of the party but we were pleasantly surprised to see Mbali whip out a sexy slew of dance moves showing us just how much of a temptress she can be.

In a tight black bodysuit and sparkling nine-inches she sashayed about the dance floor like a professional seductress with sass and flair. All eyes were on her

The partygoers usually formed a circle around the person with the most skill to put on a show and last night everyone was in their element from Ace and Kay with their krunking to Ntombi and DJ AJ with their Pantsula duet.

But as Biggie called time it was clear that Mbali had over-exerted herself expecially since she’d only just recovered from a week of tonsillitis. Her girl Chelsea was there to take care of her though.

All is good that ends in a bang

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