April 06, 2015

Big Brother Is Surely Unpredictable

It seldom get more intense for the housemates than eviction night and last night was no different. Although they were the most colourful couple in the house, Matt & Sibu became the first pair of housemates to be evicted and it certainly came as a shocker to them both!

Despite not being pleased in the slightest about their early departure, the pair left a parting gift for Mbali and Chelsea

With their eviction forcing them to handover their prize from the Fright Night Games, they decided to give it to the besties who accepted.

Although Matthias and Sibu didn’t know what the prize was, it proved to be a generous gift from the pair because Biggie revealed it was actually a R10 000 cash prize for each for Mbali and Chelsea. 

The prize however did come with one condition. A condition that stirred trouble in the house that may have rendered the R10 000 more of a curse than a gift.

In order for Mbali and Chelsea to bank the R10 000 they’d have to convince the other housemates to embark on a four day liquid diet that consists solely of protein shakes. 

The girls accepted to take on the challenge but when they broke the news to the other housemates, none of them took it well at all however it was too late as Biggie had already locked the cupboards and the fridge. Will this bold move by Mbali and Chelsea cause them more harm than good?

Lastly, before the polish had even dried on Sibu’s nails, the housemates were once again called to give their individuals nominations. 

With a little more experience to run on, the housemates hesitated less to give Biggie their preferred nominees and the proceedings went by fairly quicker than usual.

Tiffini and Gino once again came out on top with six nominations while K2 and Blue as well as Adams and Tembi received three nods a piece. While it looks dire once again for Tiffini and Gino, the couple’s nominations and Head of House title are still undecided so it could still swing either way.

Ultimately the twists and turns are no less than when the game started and as the housemates head into week three they’ll have to remain sharper than ever to keep outwitting their fellow housemates and get a little closer to the R2million. Who do you think will be able to keep playing the game well?

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