April 19, 2015

Big Brother Introduces Live Show Nominations

After Stripping the Head of House pair Chelsea and Mbali off their duties, it seems that wasn't enough for Biggie as he announced to housemates that nominations would take place with immediate effect. 

Actually for the first time in the history of Big Brother Mzansi housemates - individually and in their pairs – were instructed to get down to nominating the pair that they each would like to see walk over the plank and out of the show.

This just served to dial the competition up a notch. We could almost hear the words of first evictee Ex in the distance; “Kuzoba too real, too soon!”. Competition and conspiracy were the buzz words this week as Mbali and Chelsea took advantage of their Head of House privileges.

They all-girl team were first brave – and crafty – enough to step into the conspiracy booth and get plotting. Having scooped a Head of House win and couple thousands along the way It was clear that Team ‘Mbalsea’ were in it to win it! Even when they lost out on the one way ticket to the finale. 

We wonder what Khali though of that, especially after she labelled them The Powerpuff so sure that the girls didn’t have it in them.

Either way, it was time to nominate. Shock, horror and scientism spread across their faces like a rash as they were summoned to a ballot box over two rounds of nominations. The first round was for individual nominations and the second was for pairs.

An auditor was escorted into the house by bodyguards to facilitate the process. At the ballot box housemates cast their votes in secret and dropped in the box. 

Let the voting begin. 

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