April 22, 2015

Are Mbali And Chelsea Annoyed With Each other?

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With eviction hanging over their heads this week, Chelsea and Mbali seem less and less like a unified front and hardly even spend time together.

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Is Mbali too mothering for the Capetonian free spirit or is the young Chelsea simply getting on her partners nerves? 

Just two weeks into the game the girls won themselves R10 000 each courtesy of Matthias and Sibu however that may have been the start of their problems. 

With the pressure of having to place the entire house on a liquid diet for four days, the girls often found themselves on the receiving end of bitter tongue lashings from everyone as hunger pangs rung out through the house.

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While they overcame that hurdle and made amends with everyone, they once again found themselves in the hot seat when their reign as Head of House didn’t run as smoothly as they would have hoped. 

Chelsea was often found falling short of her expectations as co-Head of House yet the brunt fell on both girls. It wasn’t long before the blame game ensued.

Maybe it's all just the the bump in the road that most relationships go through.

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