April 08, 2015

Adams The Entertainer Gives It To The Housemates

After some pork ribs won by Tiffini for supper, housemates decided to have a jam session. Most surreal night of rapping and singing at its best.  

They called it the “Live Sessions” and was hosted by the beautiful and lovely Mbali who displayed impeccable and creative skill in presenting the jam session.

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Most housemates were seated outside in the garden and added their flavour into the whole formation. They sung along, laughed and danced to Adams tune and all of them had the “I really have nothing to lose” attitude and they felt free and did whatever they liked. 

Kay on the other hand, her self confidence rose and was able to perform in front of everyone. Her session was spiritual and reflected to everyone with her words of wisdom.

After a week of protein shakes, the jam session they had was spontaneous, let loose and it made them feel alive and blew their hearts out.

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