April 07, 2015

Adams And Tembi Warming Each Other

Ladies man Adams is yet again back on his thing inside the Big Brother Mzansi house, one could call it love but Adams and Tembi here have been enjoying each others warmth in the garden.

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For a pair that broke up five years ago, it was shocking to hear that Adams was a bit jealous about his ex’s relationship with Soxx. 

The two have been assuring anyone who cares to listen that there were no more sparks between them, but it looks like after being nominated yesterday, and saved by the HoH, they feel much safer with each other.

Tembi confided in him that Soxx seemed equally uncomfortable with her being around Adams, especially after he learnt that her tattoo had something to do with him.

Tembi said she can’t really trust Soxx when it comes to nominations: “I’m not the girl that would say I know he won’t nominate me.” She added that Soxx has been sending her mixed signals regarding her friendship with Adams.

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The pair also mentioned that they get side eyes from the rest of the housemates whenever they show affection towards each other, which is not the case with other pairs.

“I feel safer here,” Tembi said as she rested her head on Adams’ chest. “I don’t think his sister wants me to be with him either,” Tembi said, referring to Bexx.

Will Tembi go back to the devil she knows or stick with the angel she doesn’t know?

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