April 28, 2015

Ace Steals Tembi's Blue Gown

As we tend towards the end of the game, things inside the Big Brother Mzansi house are getting interesting day by day, today is the first day that the Public's Secret Agents are executing their mission.

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As soon as Big Brother informed them what they should be doing, Ace, K2 and Mbali wasted no time as Ace quickly stole Tembi's gown.

Talking about this particular gown, it's Tembi's favourite and she loves it a lot to the extent that she wears it most of the time. 

In fact yesterday you 'The Public' asked Tembi why her blue gown is her favourite item of clothing and this's what she had to say "I love the colour and the make. And quite honestly I don’t have many tops here", she said

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And that being said, lets congratulate Ace on this one as we wait for Tembi's reaction when she realizes that her beloved blue clothing is missing...

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