April 17, 2015

Ace Promises Ntombi The Biggest Wedding Ever

Currently Ace and Ntombi are the most lovely couple in the Big Brother Mzansi house and no wonder everything seems to be going their way.

Despite the fact that their relationship suffered a little storm earlier this week when Ace was issued a strike by Brother Brother for misconduct, the pair seem to have gotten over it and they are back to their usual ways.

Today in the morning Ace promised his lady love Ntombi the biggest wedding ever if they emerge as the winners of Big Brother Mzansi Double trouble.

Shortly read the couple's conversation below:

Ace to Ntombi..."If we win,,,? when we get out of here we shall have the biggest wedding ever & invite the whole of Mzansi & our fans if we have any... (laughs) We will slaughter a whole lot of cows so everyone will have enough to eat (I love you neh

Ntombi to Ace... "Love you too"

The above is Ace and Ntombi's conversation earlier on today, therefore if you're out there and you are Ace and Ntombi's fan, keep the love and votes coming whenever they are required because you don't want to miss out on eating Ace and Ntombi's meat on their wedding day.

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