April 22, 2015

Ace And Ntombi Win A Special Treat

This week was Positive Power Charge Week and so far Ace and Ntombi were laughing all the way to the bank. Who knew a piggy bank could yield so many returns? Indeed money landed them inside the winning circle. After all, money is power.

This evening housemates were summoned to the arena for another electrified wager task. In the middle area was a heap of stuffed pillows in which gold coins were hidden. The paired teams had to sift out as many gold coins as they could.

On the other end was the starting line where a table of empty piggy banks were to be filled with the gold coins collected from the stuffed pillows. Pairs worked in a tag-team fashion.

At the sound of the buzzer, housemates only had 60 seconds to rip open as many pillows as possible, find the gold coins and run across place them into their piggy banks.

With one person a pair allowed to rip the pillows Kay seemed to struggle the most with ripping pillows. She picked at one pillow after another in frenzy as she tried to find the right pillow to tear open.

Mbali and Chelsea gave it their all as usual as Mbali thrashed Bongi for trying to nab a coin that fell out of her pillow.

In the end a competitive Ace carried Ntombi along as they amassed a whopping nineteen gold coins. K2 and Blue came in second place after collecting thirteen with Team Mbalsea landing the third place at eleven coins.

Biggie showered the couple with bags of biltong for a treat, much to their lip-smacking delight. Biltong is a South African favourite and housemates couldn’t hide their envy but Ace was happy to share. Kay seemed overly amused (more like green with jealousy) as she burst out in laughter.

Was it getting to her that she and Pumba hadn’t won a single thing?

Well done Team Ntombace

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