April 04, 2015

A Lazy Morning For The Housemates Today

Morning after the matric dance, Pumba was the first housemate to wake up and when others woke up they looked not well rested. 

Some tripped out of bed to make coffee and Sibu realized that there was one more day to go before eviction night.  They had a relaxed, do nothing but lounge around morning.

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Matthias woke up cranky and he had a massive hangover. Perhaps he should had put the “I’m ready for this Sunday night eviction” attitude.

Housemates had a lazy morning after a very busy night and maybe with some rest and starting their day with energy is the best thing they could do for themselves but that seemed as a tall order.

Maybe with some adjustments to their mornings and nightly routines, they could feel more awake and active each day.

Sibu, Matthias, Bongi and Khali are up for eviction this week. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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