March 28, 2015

Tiffini Leads Adams And Ace In Ensuring Body Fitness

It's evident that the Big Brother Mzansi house was running rather short of rippled abs and built bods. This is not to say that there wasn’t any eye candy, it was just not the kind that you found at the gym.

What you did have was s a bunch of drinkers and smokers.

Having skipped training and exercising this morning the boys took to the equipment and started pumping, lifting and competing, as boys would do. Not be outdone Tiffini joined in the buff fest and displayed some gees (guts) of her own.

Conviction was there but fitness, endurance and general good shape were a little amiss. It all began when they tried working their cores. 

What came out of it rather was high-pitched screams and squeaks from Ex. He was, however, the most studious as he enlisted Adams and Ace in Tiffini’s boot camp. Ace was eventually cheering from the side line while the others laboured away at their glutes.

Bongi, who was seen demonstrating his kick-boxing skills only moments ago, was now keeled over and fast asleep next to his lady-love Khali. Sibu wasn’t even about to lift a finger except to stroke his growing beer-belly.

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