March 24, 2015

The Trouble Makers 'Housemates' Get Their BBM Task

The housemates’ mini-vacation has come to an end and it’s time to step out of the jacuzzi and get some work done.
While the housemates were preparing their lunch Biggie summoned them to the lounge where Heads of House, Ex and Lebo, read out the rules of engagement for tasks and wagers.

After a little confusion and lots of bickering the housemates settled on a wager of 50%. The HoHs then went to collect the task which is themed ‘MatchMaker’ and is designed to help the housemates get to know each other even better. During 'MatchMaker' there will be games that require housemates to know one another and other games that will require team work in order to successfully complete the task.

With some couples like Pumba and Kay struggling to find their groove and gel, the nature of the task may prove difficult to conquer and ultimately jeopardise the chances of the housemates winning their much needed 50% wager.

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