March 22, 2015

The 5 Emotions Housemates Feel Before Entering The Big Brother House

It is nearly time for the housemates to bid the world as they know it adieu and take that exhilarating step into the Big Brother Mzansi house. Their new home for the next 56 days offers a plethora of experiences and memories; however before everything is flipped on its head, there’s undoubtedly a bag of emotions each housemate will go through.

Here are five emotions we suspect the housemates will experience just before they enter the house:

Terror. Sheer Terror! – It’s difficult enough spending those awkward moments in an elevator when the door takes a tad too long to open. What more in a house where the door never opens unless you’re being summoned to either go home or collect a bag of cash? There’s no doubt that even the most resilient of housemates will experience pangs of fear as the reality of their situation kicks in.

Turn Up! Formally known as excitement – Gorgeous women, hunky men, alcohol on tap, a swanky abode and all of this rent free? The Big Brother house may just be the ultimate getaway for the housemates – sans the constant surveillance – for any young adult.

Wisdom – Was it written in the stars or did you just play the game well? No one knows for sure what the key to Big Brother success is, but each housemate will undoubtedly be inundated with thoughts of how they can navigate their way through the 56 days just right so they may ultimately walk away with the prize money… and for a second they’ll actually believe they’re right!

The Pits aka Sadness – While it’s obvious that friends and family will be missed, most people don’t mind being away from their loved ones for a short while; in fact they just may need it! Cellphones, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. Mild bouts of depression are sure to kick in when they remember that they can’t send their special person a smiley face emoji in the morning or even worse, join in on the Twitter debates about Our Perfect Wedding on Sunday nights! Oh the horror!

Pride – At the precise moment a housemate joins Lungile on stage for the first time there’s one special thing about them that will change forever. They will now officially be a celebrity! And who doesn’t want to be famous? In that brief moment of pride, if you look closely, you just may catch a housemate glance up to the skies and mouth the words, “Mama, I made it!”

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